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    ASVAB    ASVAB info Here

    If you are interested in taking the ASVAB in order to apply for the military, you will need to contact a military recruiter.

    To find a recruiter near you, go to www.todaysmilitary.com/request-information. When the recruiter has determined that you are otherwise qualified, he/she will set up a time for you to take the ASVAB at the closest Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) or an affiliated Military Entrance Test (MET) site.

    US Air Force Recruiting                         US Navy Recruiting

    Address:                                                                 Address:
    8660 Montana Ave Ste J,                                1875 Saul Kleinfeld Dr Ste 102,
    El Paso, TX 79925                                              El Paso, TX 79936
    Phone(915) 592-9322                                    Phone(915) 598-9273
    https://www.airforce.com/                https://www.navy.com/
    US Army Recruiting                               US Marines Recruiting
    Address:                                                                Address:                                                      
    1831 N Zaragoza Rd #113,                              6600 Montana Ave Suite F2,
    El Paso, TX 79936                                            El Paso, TX 79925
    Phone(915) 857-0176                                  Phone(915) 234-8013