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Mr. Eric's Summary


    I have decades of experience in educational settings. I have worked with pre-K age all the way up to students who were 21 years old.  I have had the experience of teaching every subject matter from Math, Science, Social Studies and English to the skills necessary for filling out a job application, reading a recipe or doing the laundry.  I enjoy using my teaching skills to effectively communicate the process, the knowledge, and the effort needed to get to the desired outcome.  Ultimately this will be a High School diploma.  There are many successes along that path that allow a scholar to experience a genuine and exciting educational experience. These successes can range from getting a Grand Champion at the stock show to getting hired as a cashier at the local convenience store to being accepted into West Point!

    The 2022-23 school year looks to be an exciting year for Sierra Blanca students. The school district has achieved a solid B rating and has the opportunity to show excellence by achieving an A rating.  Together let us strive for excellence!  I will of course focus my curriculum on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS, educators pronounce it TEEKS) standards that are accessible via the internet. 

    I can be reached either via 

    phone # 651.432-7923